About Us

Ace Pixel

Ace pixel becomes a portal for the skilled photographers to get in touch with those who identify and value their work. It provides you an opportunity to showcase your talent in the pool of other talented people from all over the world and get you work. People from races of life can come together, put their clicked images, DSLR photographs, mobile photographs and what not to get the visibility required. This portal can be your best mate if your are located in a remote location and are not getting the best of the place. Not just that but you also get awarded after frequent intervals for your skills and all this is happening here for free.

You tube channels:

Now a days you are getting information of people by visiting that place a getting to know that services as first hand report. For that purpose you need to travel to that place and see it by interaction with the concerned person. If this interaction be virtualized and shared with your portal or mail or the YOUTUBE channel that would have a far reaching effect and you yourself are not repeating the narration again and again. You just need to record that information on your video and let it be present on the portfolio of your channel and the person or a client may have the glimpse of whatever you are providing and this may act as the service catalog.

We shall be responsible for making an attractive video of te services you are offering and that video can be accessed by several people at a time as if you are there 24 * 7 . This will be a professional visiting card operational all the time.

Different types of videos will move the needle for your business in different ways. We have made several models for different types of needs, as well as how to choose them, based on your goals. We’ll show you how to create videos that educate, entertain, and build trust with ideal customers. Not only will this ensure your videos get found, you’ll shorten your sales cycle and close deals faster.

Candid photo shoots

You can rely upon us for providing the cost effective and professional teams of photographers that are needed for your need. These professionals are selected by us and they form a professional team of Ace Pixel, which make your memories immortal. These moments can be as big as marriages or as small as a small function at your office. As memories are always things to be cherished and if they are perceived in best hands they could do wonders. This can also be extended to product photoshoots which could form the base of the product profile for the customers, attractive and breathtakingly precise.

Corporate imaging

Its an important part of the profile of any corporation. People are constantly gauging you over the strengths your company has and it’s very important to depict it. We are the professionals who look upon your needs. Our team will take interviews and record them for the references for the future clients. This would enhance your esteem and the corporate image.

Ace Pixel deals in following services:

  1. Candid Photography
  2. Youtube channels
  3. Real estate photography for sellers
  4. Product photography
  5. Corporate photoshoots
  6. Festival or function shoots
  7. Photoshoot Walks
  8. Process Photography
  9. Learn Photography